business formation

From the moment you begin any business activity, you can potentially be exposed to the debts and liabilities of that business.  But choosing the right business entity and formally registering your company can help limit your personal exposure.  Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing business, you may be weighing the pros and cons related to entity formation, daily operations and more.  AFFC LAW, LLC assists businesses throughout North and South Carolina in an array of transactional and litigation matters.  Choosing the best business entity for your enterprise is an important decision that can have significant tax and legal consequences for the duration of the business.  To help you make the best choice, we discuss your long-term goals and determine whether a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership, or limited liability partnership (LLP) is the best option for accomplishing these goals.  Once you decide which entity you prefer, we will assist you with preparing & filing all of the necessary documentation so that your business is properly registered with the Secretary of State. We can help you get a solid business structure in place so that you can provide your organization with the best possible chance of success. 

Our team has experience with all the planning, paperwork and filing that go along with establishing:

  • A limited liability company (LLC)
  • A sole proprietorship owned and operated by an individual
  • A partnership
  • A corporation that limits the personal liability of its owners
  • A registered South Carolina agent for an out-of-state business

Are you ready to shield your personal assets from business liabilities? Start YOUR business today!